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Internet business

Searching the Internet for a specific product can be very cumbersome and most of all time-consuming. Thousands of companies promoting their products creates a real dilemma for the Internet users. We’ve recently ran into SuperiorPromos.com, which specializes in various types of products at reasonable prices. We were looking for t-shirts with a custom inprint for […]


The Basel II banking regulations will encourage willing financial institutions to focus on handling more diverse sources of risk. High-street stores try to meet more diverse risks because they recognise that just focusing on one risk (shoplifting) will lower returns at the margin on risk management efforts. Similarly, RAROC analysis shows that we gain through […]


The global effects that Basel II will have are not yet clear-cut. Side effects are unknown. However, a two-tier banking world is likely to emerge from the Basel II banking regulations, where there will be those who are in the fast-track for Basel compliance (more regulation and lower risk), versus those banks in the slow […]